About Jenna Rose Robbins

Jenna Rose Robbins, web consultant and writerSiteseeing Media founder Jenna Rose Robbins has a passion for helping small businesses, authors, and organizations improve their online presence. From managing social media to assisting with content strategy, Jenna has more than a decade of experience on the web and an extensive background in marketing.

Prior to Siteseeing, Jenna had stints working as the head of marketing for FIJI Water, senior editor at AOL, and senior web producer at Disney, where she was involved in the launches of two multi-million-dollar websites. It was at AOL and Disney where Jenna’s expertise in local businesses was honed, as she reviewed more than 20,000 travel, restaurant, and destination websites in her roles.

Jenna helps companies refine their web presence, both by making them more prominent online and by ensuring the proper message is conveyed to consumers. She has made speaking appearances at digital media conferences and has taught several classes, both online and in person, for Media Bistro.

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