Gail Trauco Launches New E-Commerce Site

Front Porch Therapy e-commerce site psychic medium
Gail’s new homepage showcases her Southern spirit.

Gail Trauco is many things — a grief mediator, psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and a downright hoot to be around. When she needed a place to showcase all of her talents and services, she decided to build a website and enlisted Siteseeing Media’s help.

In addition to wanting an updated look, Gail needed e-commerce capabilities so that clients could purchase right on the web without her having to dillydally on the phone with all that credit card nonsense. With Atlanta-based Eyesore Inc. designing and coding and Siteseeing managing the project, the site was soon up under the banner Front Porch Therapy, the company name for all of Gail’s counseling services.

Gail also got a brand-spanking new newsletter (that you should totally sign up for), which even has a sign-up option on Facebook, where Gail has nearly 9,000 happy followers!

One of the things that kept costs down for Gail was Siteseeing’s website checklist, which has over 50 items that we have the developer agree to before the project. This kept many items from being considered “out of scope” and possibly overlooked. For example, not all website themes have tags and categories on individual blog post pages, which is crucial for SEO and user experience. It’s a small bit of work to add it, but if it’s not specifically outlined in the proposal, it might cost more to add it rather than have it included in the flat rate of building the site.

“I love my website,” says Gail. “It’s everything I could have asked for. Jenna is worth her weight in gold.”

Need someone to manage your website launch to save you the hassle of dealing with developers who speak in (HTML) code?

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