How Your Blog Can Increase Your Organic SEO Search Results

Maintaining a blog can be time-consuming, but the benefits go beyond just creating content.
Organic SEO benefits of a company blog
Your company blog can help increase your organic SEO juice.

Most every company has a blog, but do you know why? Many companies maintain blogs because it increases their site’s SEO (search engine optimization) value. That’s right.

By keeping a blog, you are not just creating content, you are increasing the organic search value for your site.

Think about it: Not only are you providing a reason for customers to visit your site, you’re also creating a reason not to pay for SEM (search engine marketing), because your site will rank higher organically — that means without having to buy keywords.

Other reasons you should keep a blog include:

  • Ability to repurpose content on social media and in newsletters
  • Keep users informed of recent work and company news
  • Inform customers about current offers
  • Promote new products and services
  • Increase SEO!

Don’t take my word for it. Read #11 in Mashable’s article titled “13 Ethical Ways to Increase Your Site’s Search Traffic.” Then contact us to set up an easy and affordable schedule for keeping your blog updated – and your SEO value increasing.

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