Are Newsletters More Powerful Than Social Media?

If you have a large email list and you’re not sending out newsletters, then the answer is a big fat YES.
Newsletters vs. Social Media
Which is the better marketing spend?

Did you know it costs five times more to get a new client than to keep an existing one? Customers and prospects who have given you their contact information have already expressed an interest in your business. So what are you waiting for? Remind them you’re here!

Even if you only have a couple dozen email addresses, you should be sending out regular newsletters. (Just how frequently depends on your type of business.) A quick newsletter could remind them to make that appointment they’ve been putting off or to pick up the phone and place an order. If your business isn’t already top of mind with them, a newsletter can put you there.

What should you put in the newsletter? Again, that depends on your type of business, but the number one reason that people sign up for newsletters is offers and deals, so even if that’s not the only piece of content in your newsletter, it doesn’t hurt to include one now and again. Another idea is to include helpful information relevant to your business (ex: winter hair care tips, if you’re a beauty salon; common seasonal pet illnesses and how to prevent them, if you’re a vet) — which also happens to be the exact kind of content you should be publishing on your blog! That means you can repurpose content and get double bang for your hard-earned buck.

If you want to read up on the benefits of newsletters, here are a few recommended articles:

Ready to start sending newsletters?

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