Seminars for Travel & Local Businesses

When several local businesses need some brushing-up on their web savvy, a seminar is just what you need.

Jenna Rose Robbins has spoken and taught numerous seminars on how to market your business on the web, the importance of having a blog for your businesses, and several other topics. She will come to your town and provide your member businesses with a tailored presentation on the most important topics, including where to begin and the latest trends in the field. Participants have the option of sending Jenna questions beforehand so that business owners’ most burning questions are covered.

Jenna has worked as an editor for such sites as AOL and Disney and will share just what editors are looking for. She estimates she has looked at more than 20,000 local business websites, mostly in the travel and restaurant industries, which means she can tell participants just what attracts users and editors to websites — and what turns them off.

Seminar topics include:

  • Website dos and don’ts
  • Today’s popular social media platforms
  • Blogging for small businesses
  • The importance of newsletters
  • Getting listed in IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) sites