Website Development

One of our most popular services is also a third-party service: website development.

Website Development for Small BusinessClients tell us that they feel secure knowing that we are managing their site because they know that we have their — not the developer’s — best interests in mind.

If you are looking to build or redesign your website, we will create an RFP (request for proposal) that we will distribute to various developers. Once the various developers have submitted their proposals, we will present them to you, along with feedback and suggestions about each developer, such as our past experience with them, how punctual they are with deadlines, and their strong points (ex: Are they better designers than they are coders?). You then choose which developer you would like to work with.

Once you have chosen a developer, you can then decide whether you would like to work with them directly or if you would like Siteseeing to manage your project.